Knox Covert Hand Armour Gloves

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Knox Covert Hand Armour Gloves

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you aim to have the perfect equipment for every season then you might find yourself in a pinch as to where you can find everything you need. You can’t have the same equipment for every season so being prepared for what the weather has to offer is very important. When it comes to motorcycling equipment, the first company that comes to mind is Planet Knox. Knox have everything you need, from boots to helmets, their famous Knox hand Armour gloves and for every weather from hot to cold. The “Hand Armour” range is world class!

One of the most important aspects while riding a motorcycle on long journeys is comfort. You will never enjoy the ride, no matter how much you love it if you are not feeling comfortable. Imagine a rainy weather where you can’t stay dry, or the high temperatures making you sweat all over. While we are on the subject of high temperatures, the worst thing to have are leather gloves that can’t regulate heat. Without them the wind makes you feel cold and with them your hands overheat. The horror. Planet Knox has made gloves that solve this problem perfectly.

Knox Covert gloves are the type of gloves you wear at summertime. They aren’t insulated for winteKnox-Zero-Outdry-diagramr which makes them perfect for hotter days, and they aren’t that thick which allows you to keep that natural feel. Many gloves take away that feeling in your hands that makes you feel like you’re in control, so Planet Knox knew what to aim for. If the days start to get really hot and you might worry about getting your hands sweaty in the gloves, don’t. Knox Covert gloves are equipped with the new ”OutDry” technology. Outdry technology keeps your hands dry no matter how hot it is. As for protection from the outside, the membrane is completely bonded with the leather which makes it perfectly well protected. This also makes the gloves thinner and lighter than other summer gloves.

While trying to keep your hands protected from weather conditions, Planet Knox has also been thinking about how to protect them from injuries as well. The Covert gloves have substantial armor on the knuckles and also on palms for scaphoid protection.

These gloves are not the only ones Planet Knox has to offer, among the great variety of choices some worth mentioning are Knox Handroid gloves, Knox Biomech gloves, Knox Zero 2 gloves and many more. Knox covert gloves are not as popular as maybe Handroid or Biomech gloves but for their purposes they have been given the same careful approach as the several award winning Handroid ones. Planet Knox cares greatly about their products and they have a scientists team that works hard on improving them, so keep following Planet Knox’s work because there will surely be many more new innovative and unique products in the future.

If you found yourself interested in these gloves but don’t have any Planet Knox shops nearby, don’t worry, you can always visit them at and order online.

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Knox Gloves and safety

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Knox Gloves and safety

Many people enjoy riding a motorcycle and the peace of mind that comes with it when you are on an open road. But to be able to enjoy that ride you need to be certain of some things. Of course one of those things is that your motorcycle is perfect and able to travel many miles, but the other thing you need to be certain of is you. Your safety should be the number one priority while riding.

The only thing that will keep you safe and you are obligated by law to wear is a helmet, but for you to be perfectly comfortable, you need more than that. Jacket, gloves, even knee sliders are some of the traits you need to have in order to achieve that goal.

Everything you need listed here and much more can be found on Planet Knox’s website.48718_1
Planet Knox ltd is a company that specializes in motorcycling equipment. They are multi award winning company for Hand armor, Cold killers, Dry inside and more.

The product Planet Knox is really famous for is their gloves. There are several types of gloves, the Handroid Gloves, Biomech Gloves, Zero 2 Gloves, Open MTB gloves..
They all come in different sizes and colors, so you can choose which one suit you best.

If you are a serious biker and you want only the best for you, these are the products you should look for. Nothing is worse than having your fingers freezing while riding a motorcycle, all of a sudden the ride doesn’t feel so enjoyable anymore. Aside from the fact that it makes your hands warm, these gloves are manufactured so that when you move your fingers, you don’t feel any restraint. And to top it all off they have a protecting trait as well. The Handroid motorcycle gloves are equipped with exoskeleton spines and Boa Lacing system.
The exoskeleton spines protect your fingers and knuckles from breaking upon impact, so it is really good to have them in case of a mishap.

Handroid motorcycle gloves are a bit more pricey compared to the others, but they are worth every penny. If you are looking for quality gloves but can’t afford Handroid gloves, then maybe Biomech gloves are the choice for you. These Biomech knox_biomech_detail_3_LGgloves have been worn by the eleven times TT winner Michael Dunlop, and if they are good for him, they are probably good for you too. They too have the Boa lacing system, the armor protecting your fingers, knuckles and the back of your hand. One of the things that make these gloves differ from regular gloves is how they regulate the ventilation and the sweating of the hand. In the cold weather they will make you warm, but in the hot weather they won’t make you sweat.

Planet Knox offers many more products besides gloves so if you are looking to get well equipped for your rides, they are the ones you should look for. It’s never good to wind up crashing, but if you do, it’s better if you’re wearing Knox’s protective gear.

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Knox Biomech Motorcycle Gloves – advantages and disadvantages

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Knox Biomech Motorcycle Gloves – advantages and disadvantages


If you are a motorcyclist, no matter what kind of activity you like, racing or just enjoying slow ride you should have your motorcycle gear, helmets are required by law so I hope that you already have that. Additional motorcycle equipment every biker should have includes motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, elbows and knees protectors, and even gloves. The company which designs these things and is the one of the best ones is surely Planet Knox. Planet Knox is the most popular in the UK and Australia, but it slowly becomes internationally recognized as one of the best motorcycle equipment manufacturers.

Knox Lab a part of this Planet Knox company, is in charge of making motorcycle gloves only, and they can be numerous. You probably heard about multiple award winning ones – Handroids. However Handroids are not the only kind of Knox gloves, Knox designs various types of gloves, from different materials, for different people, gloves that suit everybody’s needs. Some of them are Zero 2 motorcycle gloves that are suitable for winter season, Orsa gloves that are the ones designed for summer season, Biomech gloves which are the subject of this article and so on.


Even though Handroids are the most wanted and they are naturally the most expensive ones not everyone can afford these. Planet Knox thought about all of this and therefore they designed other kinds that suit everybody’s budget. Biomech motorcycle gloves are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive ones, their price is about $120 but motorcyclists who bought them did not feel sorry for the money.

Knox Biomech motorcycle gloves are high quality gloves made to protect motorcyclist’s fingers, palms and hands and to be comfortable at the same time. They are recommended by¬† 2013 TT Winner Michael Rutter who said that they are the best gloves he ever used.

Biomech gloves have several unique features such as Boa closure system, Knox Palm Protection System, Amara grip pad with silicon print, Knox finger slider, Knox wrists and cuff slider and other.

KnoxLiam2The one feature that makes Biomech different from other types of Knox glove is surely honeycomb gel which fills opaque floating knuckle and meta-pod on the back of the hand, honeycomb gel is added as a feature because it helps cushion an impact.

Biomech gloves are made of kangaroo’s super strong and tear resistant leather. Amara grip pad is important because it helps the rider improve control of his vehicle. Boa closure system helps rider’s hand to remain in place and it makes impossible for gloves to slip off. Handroid gloves have a similar system called Boa Lacing system which is a little bit safer.

Motorcyclists that tried this kind of gloves are more than satisfied with their quality, comfort and protection they provide, also they claim that they feel a little thinner than other Knox gloves which makes them perfect for improving control over their bike.

These Biomech gloves are a little bit longer than other Knox gloves so if you don’t mind tucking your sleeves in your gloves it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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